What we do

We provide agencies within the security and emergency services sectors with practical help and advice on how best to deploy drones in relation to service delivery.


Through clearly explaining the benefits and limitations of drones we help clients to gain greater insight into how best to use the technology to improve their measurable results and secure their assets and activities.


By working alongside clients in both training exercises and live deployments we aim to demonstrate the real world practicalities of drones. Actions always speak louder than words.


Manufacturers always make bold claims yet avoid mentioning flaws. That's natural. We take a more realistic look at the technology in drone use and counter measures highlighting both good and bad points to enable a more reliable decision to be made ahead of procurement.

Some of our clients

We are fortunate enough to count national government agencies and local service providers amongst our varied client list. In addition to the featured clients below we also work with the UK Civil Air Patrol and assist with training and academic research projects throughout the UK. We advise on different ways drones can be embedded within search teams, how to use drones to secure the airspace above active operations to prevent infiltration, and also advise on drone counter measures.
Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence

Environment Agency

Environment Agency

County Durham & Darlington

County Durham & Darlington

Fire & Rescue Service


Here you'll find up to date and archived posts looking at some of the latest developments in drone technology and our views and opinions on counter measures and best practices. If you wish to re-publish any of these articles please drop us a line. We've been featured in Police Aviation News, Emergency Services Times, and AirMed & Rescue.

Public Statement

Withdrawing Support for UK Police Drone Operations Over the past few weeks we have noticed a blanket refusal by the majority of UK Police Forces that operate drones to heed warnings that their approach to Read more...


Police Drones

Where There’s Smoke, There’s A Mirror UPDATED For several months the UK media has been awash with stories of how different rural police forces are developing their own in-house drone units to provide localised air Read more...


Drone Airprox Reports

Are All Drone Near-Misses Really Drones? Whilst there exists a lot of media hype around the subject of drones almost colliding with planes the actual statistics show this is a relatively rare occurrence. In 2016 Read more...

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If you would like to discuss the feasibility of using drones, counter measures, or just want some simple advice please do get in touch. We never manufacture any equipment, nor do we have any commercial relationship with any manufacturer. We advise people on the most appropriate technology for their budget with complete impartiality.

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